Banking Operations

Department of Statistics

The Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo (CBK) has as a primary objective to (i) foster and maintain a stable financial system and a sound, solvent and effective system of payments, (ii) contribute in achieving and maintaining price stability (iii) support the general economic policies in Kosovo and (iv) comply with the principles of an open market economy and free competition, in order to effectively allocate the Kosovo resources. Fulfilment of all these CBK objectives is related to the duties and responsibilities of the Department of Statistics (DS). DS is the main organizational unit responsible for collection, compilation and publication of statistics of the CBK. To perform this task, the CBK possesses the authority to provide the necessary statistical data. This legal aspect is regulated by the CBK Law, supplemented by regulations on statistical information issued by being based on this law. Compilation and publication of statistics by the DS is done in conformity with international standards and based on best practices of other countries. DS closely collaborates with relevant units of the CBK and other parties from outside in order to prepare monetary financial statistics and statistics from the external sector which are accurate and reliable, as well as further advance the statistical system in accordance with international best practices.

CBK objectives are set out in Article 7 of the Law on CBK, while the corresponding duties are summarized in Section 8 and are detailed in subsequent sections. Of all the tasks set out in Article 8 of the law on the CBK, the Statistics Department is mainly involved in (1) collection and publication of statistics, ( 2 ) informing the Assembly, the Government and the general public about the activities of CBK, (3 ) cooperation and participation in councils and relevant international organizations, ( 4 ) acting as financial advisor to the government and other public entities, ( 5 ) determining the policies for promoting and maintaining the stability of the financial system, and ( 6 ) determining policies in order to contribute to the achievement and maintenance of price stability. The responsibility for collection and publication of statistics is detailed in Articles 25-28 of the Law on CBK. Duties and responsibilities of the CBK are specified in more detail in the relevant regulations of the CBK. Also, the Law on Official Statistics of the Republic of Kosovo specifies that the official statistics shall be produced by the CBK.

Based on the nature, volume and complexity of the activities of the Department of Statistics, within this department exists the Statistics Division of balance of payments, which is responsible for the area of the external sector statistics, including balance of payments, international investment position, external debt and other statistics of the external sector. Other staff members in this department care for other areas of statistics.
CBK is the country coordinator for the General Data Dissemination System – GDDS of IMF and guides the Kosovo Statistics Council, which is a collegial body that gives advice on the preparation and implementation of the program of official statistics for Kosovo and the overall development of the statistical system of Kosovo.

The Department of Statistics has the following main functions:
• Drafts the legal basis to provide the necessary statistical data;
• Identifies the reporters and their statistical obligations, reporting forms, reporting period and manner of delivery of statistical information from relevant institutions;
• Makes ( collection, compilation, validation and distribution ) of financial and monetary statistics and statistics of the external sector (balance of payments, international investment position and external debt statistics) by producing statistics in accordance with international statistical standards;
• Does the publication of the results of financial and monetary statistics and of external sector statistics also the non- periodical publications of the CBK in accordance with international statistical standards;
• Distributes financial and monetary statistics and those of the external sector in international institutions like the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, European Central Bank, Eurostat, etc;
• Represents the CBK within and outside the Republic of Kosovo and establishes and maintains the necessary cooperation regarding statistical matters;
• Develops new statistical projects and updates existing ones in line with market developments and changes in international statistical standards;
• Compiles and updates the statistical methodology, publication policy, work procedures and other administrative documents;
• Contributes to the development of overall statistical processes in Kosovo, as specified in the Law on Official Statistics of the Republic of Kosovo.

Review Division
Review Division is responsible for implementing the procedure of reviewing the request of financial institutions on the recommendations of the organizational units of the CBK for the imposition of administrative penalties provided for by legislation. Duties and responsibilities of this Division are as follows:
• Review the requests of the parties (financial institutions) on the recommendations of the organizational units of the CBK to impose administrative penalties on them.
• Communicate with relevant organizational units in CBK in order for the review procedure to be implemented in accordance with applicable legislation and regulations accompanying this legislation.
• Communicate with the financial institutions so that the review procedures initiated by their request for reconsideration of the recommendations to impose administrative penalties on them be implemented in accordance with applicable law;
• Is responsible for implementing the review procedure of the requests by the parties;
• Implement the procedure for the review session and prepares corresponding recommendation/s to the Executive Board in accordance with the relevant procedures. For the preparation of such recommendations can seek opinions from relevant organizational units of the CBK in order for the final recommendation professional and legally based.
• Can be part of working groups on amending and upgrading the legislation that relates exclusively to the field of Review, always pursuant to procedures established by the policy of issuance of legal acts;
• Upon receipt of the information and detailed material on the request for review, analyses and reviews disputes submitted by financial institutions to the recommendations of the departments or respective divisions of CBK with the aim of fair treatment and compliance with the applicable legislation for these requests;
• In cooperation with relevant organizational units of the CBK is responsible for the implementation of legal acts and specific provisions of applicable legislation related to review of requests of respective parties.
• Perform other duties within the scope of the responsibilities listed above and set up specifically by legal acts dedicated to this relevant field.