A new bank has been added to the KOSOVO REPUBLIC banking trade


In the wake of encouraging foreign investments in the country and increasing the number of actors in the financial sector of the Republic of Kosovo, the Executive Board of the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo in its meeting held on June 5, 2014, approved the preliminary license for establishment of a branch of the foreign bank "TC Ziraat Bankasi AS". 

This bank’s headquarters are in Turkey and there it is one of the largest banks in the country and has extended its operations on 16 countries around the world, including many European Union countries and the United States of America. The total assets of the bank are about 100 billion U.S. dollars, which is a significant indicator of the potential of this bank. This bank operates in all segments of the market, with a diverse portfolio of products and services, with a specific focus in the field of agriculture.

The entry of such a bank with global scale activity, in the financial sector of the Republic of Kosovo, except of playing an important role in increasing competition of the banking sector, also proves the stability and attractiveness of the sector to foreign investors. At a time when foreign banking markets are still facing problems of different nature and recession of participants from the market, Kosovo financial market continues to be attractive.

With the approval of this license, the number of banks participating in the banking sector of the Republic of Kosovo amounts to ten.